Shout Outs!


Along the way you meet incredible people who help to create 

fantastic experiences and without them a lot of memories would have never been made. 

Family and Friends

In any artists career, new or old, there are people that support you unconditionally, Family and Friends!  Those are the people you learn tosurround yourself with. These people were there before you went on your crazy adventure, they follow you through all the ups and downs and they will be there when it's all said and done. This little thank you can not even touch what all your support means to me.


Thank You to my Mom and Dad, My Wife. my entire Clarke family, The Clearys, my extended family both sides, (this list is too big for any website) Thank you to all my friends as well. Without all of your support

I could have never made it to where I am today.


Thank you so much!

Aloha Cowboy

Early in my career I met two fantastic people, of all places, a NASCAR race in Loudon New Hampshire. Don and Tera Wineland have been pretty much the main reason I have accomplished what I have in my career. They are genuine country music fans and two people who felt they could help an up and coming country singer get closer to his goals. They geared me up with hats, boots, shirts, they created fantastic opportunities for me to perform at events such as The Daytona 500, 50th Anniversary, The Makawao Rodeo, in Maui, Hawaii. They made it so my second album "Satisfied" could be created and become succesful. I got to sing the Canadian  National Anthem for The Toronto Blue Jays VS The Minnesota Twins in Minnesota, which was my first MLB game ever. These are just a few of the many incredible experiences Don and Tera have made so memorable for me. Above all that my wife and I have  a lasting friendship with them and will always be grateful for their support. Thank you so much!

Steve Fox and Family

If you are a fan of Canadian Country Music then Steve Fox is a guy you would be familiar with. If he wasn't singing the song on the radio, there was a good chance he wrote on it. Steve produce my Satisfied album and for the whole month and a half that I spent in Nashville writing and recording I did so in the Fox family home. Steve believed in me as an artist, songwriter and musician. During this time we developed a great friendship and his family made  me feel right at home and were such an important part of creating "Satisfied" Thank you Steve, Jan, Joe, Eddy, amd Jack for your fantastic hospitality. 

The Lounge Flys

The Lounge Flys, I performed with these guys for 17 years, we played all over the place, slugging it out in the bars, probably having a few beers to many, broken strings, broken drum heads, busted guitars, al the fun stuff a bar bands goes through, lol but with out the hours we put in I would have never become the singer or guitar player I feel I am today. Paying your dues, yes we did, and I'd do it all over again with these guys. So thank you Fly's for letting me be a part of this band. Johnny Rock, Greg "Zeebo" Burke, Mike "B" Barbrick, Scott Miller and our bass player in the first 6 years or so Blain Newy. Cheers fellas, Thanks for Everything. SOCIABLE!


Country Radio
The Venues

Well without the radio stations, there probably wouldn't be too much music out there. Country music radio has been very good to me over the past few years. Without them I may have never been able to get my music heard by so many country music fans. So thanks to country radio for helping me acheive so much. A special thanks to FX 1019 for being the first to play any of my songs and also to my other local station Cat Country 99.5 for spinning all my songs. You guys have always been a huge supporter of my music. Thank you so much!

There are so many venues I've been fortunate enough to perform at over the years, Bars, Festivals, Legions, basements, too many to be able to mention, so I will just say Curlys was my first bar I ever performed in and they also hosted an Auction/fundraiser with the support of the community to help me raise enough money to be able to record my first album "All That Matters" which I recorded locally at Ferguson Music Production with Scott Ferguson. Thank you Scott. Thank you Curlys for the support and the venue. Also thank you so much to all the other venues I have performed at during my entire musical career. (remember send me a message on my contacts page if you want to book my band) Again Thank you so much for all of your support.